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Appendix F. Acknowledgments

I would like to thank the following people for their help on this document:

  • Fabrice Marie, For major updates to my horrible grammar and spelling. Also a huge thanks for updating the tutorial to DocBook format with make files etc.

  • Marc Boucher, For helping me out on some aspects on using the state matching code.

  • Frode E. Nyboe, For greatly improving the rc.firewall rules and giving great inspiration while i was to rewrite the rule-set and being the one who introduced the multiple table traversing into the same file.

  • Chapman Brad, Alexander W. Janssen, Both for making me realize I was thinking wrong about how packets traverse the basic NAT and filters tables and in which order they show up.

  • Michiel Brandenburg, Myles Uyema, For helping me out with some of the state matching code and getting it to work.

  • Kent `Artech' Stahre, For helping me out with the graphics. I know I suck at graphics, and you're better than most I know who do graphics;). Also thanks for checking the tutorial for errors etc.

  • Anders 'DeZENT' Johansson, For hinting me about strange ISPs and so on that uses reserved networks on the Internet, or at least on the Internet for you.

  • Jeremy `Spliffy' Smith, For giving me hints at stuff that might screw up for people and for trying it out and checking for errors in what I've written.

And of course everyone else I talked to and asked for comments on this file, sorry for not mentioning everyone.